Zisaji Presidency College was established on 10th July 1997 to provide quality education to a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual society irrespective of religion, region, caste, tribe and economic strata. It is the only institution which serves as the center of higher education in the district and the nearest college is about 135 kilometers away from it. The college was the result of the collective efforts, dedication and long cherished dream of a group of people who had a deep vision of establishing a higher educational institution in this remotest district of Nagaland bordering Myanmar.

The college was named after three prominent geographical features of the District signifying Unity in Diversity. The Acronym ‘ZISAJI’ reflects ‘ZI’ from ‘Zingki’ the mighty river flowing through the valleys of Kiphire which meets the needs of water resources in the district; ‘SA’ from ‘Saramati’ the highest mountain peak in Nagaland with an altitude of 3840 meters above the sea level located on the international border to Myanmar and ‘JI’ from Jingkhu the largest valley in the state located in the district. Zingki, Saramati and Jingkhu are the three different geographical features of paramount importance in the district that add to the integrity of the district. The term ‘Presidency,’ added to their supremacy and grandeur, unites all the three natural prominent phenomena into one unique whole and inspires the college to fulfill its motto ‘Dedication for Advancement’ through unremitting and incessant dedication in the field of higher education.

The college was under private management till February 2006 and was taken over by the government of Nagaland on 1st February 2006 under the Dept. of Higher Education.

Zisaji Presidency College was established with the basic principle that it will continue as a human resource development center on the basis of non-political, non-denominational, non-commercial and purely secular in nature with dedication for the general public welfare. Though the college has to operate within a certain frame work with many constraints and limited resources, it has shown its growth potential in the past few years on the academic as well as infrastructural front.


-> Provisional Admission to 3rd & 5th Sem
-> Orientation to 3rd & 5th Sem
-> Commencement of Class
-> Admission to 1st Sem
-> PTA Meet
-> Alumni Meet
-> 1st Internal Assessment (class Test)


Address: Alikhong, Kiphire- 798611, Nagaland, India
Email: principalzpc@gmail.com
Website: www.zisaji.org.in
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