We envision a College that will serve as a centre of educational excellence and will uphold holistic development of the students from all corners of the state with a motto of Dedication for Advancement.



The college aims

  • To create and disseminate knowledge to all walks of society for its welfare and development;

  • To develop the critical thinking of the students to face challenges of the 21st century amidst the needs of the changing time;

  • To nurture the leadership qualities among the students to enable them to lead the society towards excellence;

  • To encourage the students to develop knowledge not just in their chosen disciplines but also in the cultures, traditions and sentiments of the people living together

  • To enable the students to pursue their chosen careers with distinction;

  • To create responsible citizens equipped to assess received opinion, make independent judgments, and value the transforming power of imagination.



The following core values of Zisaji Presidency College provide the foundation for the realization of its vision and mission:

Excellence: We are committed to create high standard of academic excellence.  We value intellectual freedom, curiosity and engagement.

Social Responsibility: We are committed to serve the society through intellectual enrichment and empowering the under-privileged and the socially disadvantaged section of the community.

Diversity: We are committed to ensure fair and equal access to people from different geographical, cultural, social and linguistic backgrounds and welcome variety of perspectives.

Respect: We are committed to treat everyone with dignity and seek non-violent resolution of conflicts. We recognise the expertise of all the stake holders and include them in policy formation.

Accountability: We are committed to be fair, honest and ethical in all our actions. We are committed to assume and demonstrate responsibility for our actions. We continuously evaluate and improve our system and policies to achieve excellence in all our endeavours.

Environmental Sustainability: We feel accountable to future generations and adopt practices to protect environment. We are committed to create an Eco-friendly campus through tree plantation, use of renewable energy sources and judicious use of other resources


-> Provisional Admission to 3rd & 5th Sem
-> Orientation to 3rd & 5th Sem
-> Commencement of Class
-> Admission to 1st Sem
-> PTA Meet
-> Alumni Meet
-> 1st Internal Assessment (class Test)


Address: Alikhong, Kiphire- 798611, Nagaland, India
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