The college is committed to provide quality higher education to the students of Kiphire and to prepare them to face the challenges of 21st century. So the college has made many improvements in its programme and has set up infrastructure so that its vision may be realised.


Introduction of New Programmes- The college has introduced three new programmes in the last five years to help the students in their chosen career. The Honours programme in English and Education, and the General program in English has encouraged the students to gain knowledge in new field and pursue Master degree in the same.


Introduction of IGNOU Centre- Maximum students enrolled in the college are economically poor. The institution is facilitating all the ways to ensure student progression to higher education or employment. But many of the students don’t pursue higher education as they can’t afford to study outside. Since the college was not in a position to offer Master Degree to students, it came with its novel idea of establishing IGNOU centre in the college so that the graduating students who can’t pursue higher education outside and the employed persons residing in Kiphire, who can’t pursue regular classroom programme, can avail the opportunity of higher education through distance learning. The IGNOU centre was established in the college campus in the year 2008 and many students have completed their higher education through this platform.


Introduction of Certificate Course in Computer Application- The college tries to create skilled persons who can get employment after graduating from the college. So the college in collaboration with the District Computer Centre is offering a Certificate Course in Computer Application from the year 2016-17 where the students learn the basic knowledge of computer so that they can get employment as data entry operator or start a business of their own in printing and publishing.


Introduction of Vocational Education in Floriculture- The college also offers vocational education in floriculture in collaboration with Horticulture Department from the year 2018-19 so that the students can become self-employed. Even the college offers Educational tour to other Institutions so that students can develop their knowledge in the art of floriculture


Establishment of Smart Classrooms, ICT enabled Classrooms, Computer Lab and Poly Houses- In anview to improve the quality of curriculum transaction the college has established three smart classrooms and one ICT enabled classroom for the students. The establishment of computer lab with a capacity of thirty students has helped the students pursue the certificate program in computer application. The college has also established three poly houses for the vocational training to students of floriculture.


-> Provisional Admission to 3rd & 5th Sem
-> Orientation to 3rd & 5th Sem
-> Commencement of Class
-> Admission to 1st Sem
-> PTA Meet
-> Alumni Meet
-> 1st Internal Assessment (class Test)


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