The college ensures optimal allocation and utilization of the funds for maintenance of infrastructure and development of the college. At the beginning of each academic year the Principal with members of IQAC and conveners of different Committees in a joint meeting decides the annual plan for the infrastructural development of the College and carry out the enhancement and maintenance of infrastructural facilities in the College and facilitate an environment for effective teaching and learning. The members of IQAC audit the academic and physical facilities of the college in each semester. Even the committees which take care of different facilities inform about any requirements to IQAC or the Principal for immediate modifications.

The RUSA committee takes care of the infrastructural development and modifications of Computer Lab as well as floriculture project. Maintenance of the Computer Lab at present is done by the District Computer Center of Kiphire. Procurement of ICTs equipments, furniture and other facilities is planned by IQAC.

The college has full time sweepers who take care of the cleanliness of the academic and administrative building. The volunteers of Eco and Sanitation Club ensure the hygiene of the common toilets and cleanliness of the campus. The college has full time gardeners who take care of the beautification of the campus and the floriculture project. A staff member has been assigned to take care of the UPS and generators of the college. Another staff member has been assigned to take care of the ICT facilities of the college.

The college has installed a suggestion box for the students to suggest on the development of different facilities which is compiled by IQAC every week. The IQAC also takes annual feedback from the students on the infrastructure of the college. Such procedure helps IQAC in constructing the annual plan as well as fulfilling immediate requirements.

The Purchase and Audit committee calls for quotations in case of major purchase, renovations and repairing works and makes final decision after comparing market prices. For minor purchases and renovations concerned committees puts forward a request for the expenses to the Principal who sanctions the fund after due consideration and as per norms.

The college has library committee which makes annual plan for the upgradation and maintenance of the library. The committee allocates the fund for each department and annual subscriptions after keeping aside the fund for maintenance of the library.

The Head of the departments convene departmental meeting to make plans for development of the department, to prepare the requisition of the books and other teaching aids.



-> Provisional Admission to 3rd & 5th Sem
-> Orientation to 3rd & 5th Sem
-> Commencement of Class
-> Admission to 1st Sem
-> PTA Meet
-> Alumni Meet
-> 1st Internal Assessment (class Test)


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